Taylormade Waterscapes




Design and Construction

Taylormade can create a unique design for you or work with your existing landscape designers or architects to bring their schematics to life. Taylor oversees each phase of construction personally and is often rolling up his sleeves to guarantee a beautiful final product. Also, his use of a unique, durable and VOC-free pond liner, called DragonKote, ensures your pond is puncture-resistant, wrinkle-free and lasts years longer than traditional rubber-lined ponds.

Restoration and Repair

Whether your existing water feature is not working properly or is in need of a facelift, Taylormade can provide you with a diagnosis and estimate for his services. He can also provide ideas for enhancing a water feature in good working condition. Consultation costs a nominal fee but will be deducted from the final cost of any services rendered.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Protect your outdoor investment and maintain its beauty by having Taylormade provide specialty cleaning and maintenance services. These include: cleaning filters, trimming or repotting pond plants, water quality testing, and vacuuming. We offer weekly, monthly, 3-month and 6-month service contracts to help keep your water feature running in optimum condition.

Additional Services

With the fluctuating weather of the Texas Hill Country, it’s important to keep your water features protected. Take advantage of Taylormade’s winterization and aeration services, such as filter winterization. When a problem does occur, such as a ruptured pipe, we can arrange same-day service.

If you have a quick question about filtration, fish health, plant choice or are considering purchasing a home that requires an assessment on an existing waterscape, we are available for a consultation at a nominal fee.